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The history of the electric blender, malted milk drinks, and milkshakes are interconnected. Before the widespread availability of electric blenders, milkshake-type drinks were more like eggnog, or they were a hand-shaken mixture of crushed ice and milk, sugar, and flavorings. The use of malted milk powder in milkshakes was popularized in the USA by the Chicago drugstore chain Walgreens.

Malted milk powder — a mixture of evaporated milk , malted barley , and wheat flour — had been invented by William Horlick in for use as an easily digested restorative health drink for disabled people and children, and as an infant 's food. In , Walgreens employee Ivar "Pop" Coulson made a milkshake by adding two scoops of vanilla ice cream to the standard malted milk drink recipe.

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The automation of milkshakes developed in the s, after the invention of freon -cooled refrigerators provided a safe, reliable way of automatically making and dispensing ice cream. In , inventor Earl Prince used the basic concept behind the freon-cooled automated ice cream machine to develop the Multimixer, a "five-spindled mixer that could produce five milkshakes at once, all automatically, and dispense them at the pull of a lever into awaiting paper cups.

In the late s, several newspaper articles show that the term "frosted" was used to refer to milkshakes made with ice cream. In , the Denton Journal in Maryland stated that "For a 'frosted' shake, add a dash of your favorite ice cream. Example par excellence is frosted coffee—that hot, tasty beverage made chilly with ice and frosty with ice cream.

These establishments often prominently displayed a shining chrome or stainless steel milkshake mixing machine. Milkshakes had also become popular in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and Australia. In Australia, milk bars had grown popular and milkshakes were normally served lightly whipped and often in the aluminium or stainless steel cups in which they were prepared. In addition to more conventional flavors, spearmint and lime flavored milkshakes became popular in Australia. In the s, milkshakes were called "frappes", "velvets", "frosted [drinks]", or "cabinets" in different parts of the U.

A specialty style of milkshake, the "concrete", was "a milk shake so thick that the server hands it out the order window upside down, demonstrating that not a drop will drip. An article from in the Salisbury Times of Maryland suggests that shakes can be made in a jar by shaking well. The article states that by adding four large tablespoons of ice cream, the drink becomes a "frosted shake".

A milkshake may be abbreviated as "shake" in some restaurants. In , the traditional home of the milkshake, the family restaurants and hour diner-style restaurants that were the "staples of s and 60s America such as Denny's , Big Boy , and the International House of Pancakes " were supplanted "in terms of revenue for the first time since the U.

The shift means the burger, fries, and milkshake ideal evoked by the sitcom Happy Days is losing its hold on the American appetite. In , the U. Agricultural Research Service developed reduced-sugar, low-fat milk shakes for lunch programs.

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Schools need a milk shake machine or soft-serve ice cream machine to serve the milkshakes. The milkshakes also have added fiber and other nutrients, and they have much less lactose, which makes the shakes appropriate for some lactose intolerant people. The U. An executive from Sonic Drive-In , a U.

Part of the increase in milkshake sales reported in may be due to the increasing availability of innovative chef-designed milkshakes in high-end restaurants. In , the Los Angeles Times reported that chefs from " hipster hangouts and retro landmarks" are using "macerated farmers market strawberries, Valrhona chocolate, and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla" to make new milkshake flavors. Other novel ideas offered in LA-area restaurants include milkshakes made with toasted pecans , saffron - rose water or orange -blossom ice cream, taro root , vanilla beans steeped in rum , Valrhona chocolate and Grey Goose vodka , and vanilla custard mixed with Russian Imperial stout.

A article stated that chefs are trying out innovative ideas with milkshakes to keep customers interested in the frothy drinks. In May , during the build-up to the EU parliament elections in the United Kingdom , the throwing of milkshakes emerged as a protest tactic, usually targetting far-right politicians. The movement originated with the " milkshaking " of Tommy Robinson on 3 May, with a second thrown later that month.

This prompted Burger King to tweet in response: "We're selling milkshakes all weekend. Have fun. In , Delmaine introduced a brand of milkshake syrups under the brand name The Longest Drink in Town. In the ultraviolent futuristic dystopia in A Clockwork Orange by director Stanley Kubrick , the young gang members go to the Korova milk bar for "milk plus", a dairy beverage to which stimulants and hallucinogenic drugs have been added.

In the film Lolita in , a teenage girl drinks a milkshake while she is with the middle-aged man her mother's new boyfriend who is attracted to her. The TV series Riverdale depicts the characters in a s-inspired "local diner, Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where they favor the greasy, calorie-laden stuff of American folklore: burgers, fries, and milkshakes"; to promote the show, the cast " It reached the top ten in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands , and became Kelis' biggest success to date on Billboard Hot in the United States, peaking at number three.

The song became an Internet meme following the release of Paul Thomas Anderson 's film There Will Be Blood , in which scenes from the film most notably from its famous "I drink your milkshake" scene were edited to the song. In , The Guardian described the slang term " milkshake duck ", which refers to the social media " Media related to Milkshakes at Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Milkshake disambiguation. A Johnny Rockets strawberry milkshake topped with whipped cream and strawberry syrup.

Main article: Milkshaking. This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, providing citations to reliable, secondary sources , rather than simply listing appearances. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Drink portal. Retrieved 1 June Fill a glass two-thirds full of milk, sweeten to taste with any fruit syrup or with sugar, and then flavor with vanilla.

Why does the idea of making one turn fearless kitchen lions into cowering lambs? This ethereal recipe is as good today as it was in , showing that some dishes are simply timeless. In a pinch, use a store-bought pie crust. With just a handful of ingredients and simple directions, this is a dish we have never stopped making. This version swaps fresh tomatoes for tomato paste, uses lower-acid rice wine vinegar in place of red wine vinegar, and significantly reduces the amount of butter.

Long before rice bowls were in vogue, cookbook author and Japanese expert Elizabeth Andoh taught readers how to make donburi—a casual, working-class dish of meat and vegetables served over rice as a complete meal. This hearty Japanese rice bowl features soboro, finely ground beef simmered in a soy sauce, dashi, and sake mixture. To simplify the recipe, Elizabeth Andoh suggests use water instead of dashi.

Traditionally the eggs for this dish are poached in red wine; it adds a bit of flavor, but the eggs take on a grayish-purple color. This version calls for eggs that have been poached in water, then assembled with the red wine sauce at the end. In her version, Willan used red burgundy to make a rich, glossy sauce studded with bits of bacon, which she spooned over the runny eggs. This is the most famous of Hakka dishes, a whole chicken that is baked in hot salt and emerges exceedingly juicy and not at all salty.

Tropp explained that Hakka cooks have one hand in the north and one in the south; the northern hand reaches for garlic, ginger, and an extra shot of rice wine, while the southern hand opts for light-colored sauces and favors steaming over stir-frying. This chicken, while subtle, is served with bold dipping sauces, including a northern-style one made with plenty of fresh ginger. The quality of the bird is what makes or breaks this dish—seek out the best you can find.

Rose-scented rose dew liqueur, mei kuei lu chiew, is available in Chinese liquor stores, but the dish can be made without it. To celebrate chocolate in its most delectable guises, we asked some of the best cooks—Julia Child, James Beard, Maida Heatter, and more—to share their favorite chocolate recipes.

3 Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet without Ice Cream Machine

Craig Claiborne, who was the New York Times restaurant critic and one of the top food journalists at the time, shared his remarkable chocolate mousse, which could be reliably whipped up without tremendous effort. I am convinced that the finest chocolate mousse creation ever whipped up in my kitchen is the one printed here.

This mousse is the foamiest.

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The better the chocolate, the better the mousse. The Creole sauce can be made through step 4 and chilled for up to 4 days, or can be frozen for up to a month. Legendary chef Jeremiah Tower has been called the father of California cuisine, both as the chef at Chez Panisse in the s then at his own magnificent San Francisco restaurant, Stars, where this lamb shank dish was first served.

At Stars, Tower served the shanks with an aioli flavored with rosemary and mint, but we like to devour them as they are. Tower also advises using a heavy dutch oven just big enough to hold the shanks. The lamb can be braised a day ahead, making the meat extra tender and flavorful. The last-minute addition of fresh bell peppers injects a bright finish to the rich dish. Of the dozens of apple pie recipes published in the past 40 years, this is hands-down the best. This pie gets its intensely apple-y flavor from macerating the apples in sugar for an hour. The liquid drained from the apples is simmered with a hit of butter until a syrup forms.

That rich syrup is mixed with the apples, piled into the crust, and baked until tender and delicious. Not convinced? Try a slice. Twenty years ago, way before Korean food was mega-trendy, Los Angeles food writers Linda Burum and Linda Merinoff were singing the praises of kalbi, the flanken-cut beef short ribs typical of Korean barbecue. The short ribs are marinated overnight in a simple mix of sake, soy, sugar, garlic, and sesame oil. Cooked quickly on a hot grill, the juicy meat is tender with a satisfying chew.

They make a stunning main course served alongside kimchi, lettuce leaves, and steamed rice. The marinade is also delicious with chicken or pork. Alice Waters used to say that she would rather make salads than almost anything else, which explains how she is responsible for one of the most iconic dishes of the decade, her baked goat cheese salad.

Legendary culinary historian, teacher, and author Jessica B.

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Harris has spent years documenting the foodways of the African diaspora. The myriad vegetables in the recipe—corn, spinach, shiitakes, and tomato—sing of late summer. This recipe serves three to four as a main course and can easily be doubled. The secret is pricking holes in the fish so the lemony dressing seeps in.

There are as many takes on jerk chicken in Jamaica as there are cooks on the island, but most share the same method: Chicken is coated in a seasoning mixture dominated by spices and chiles, then grilled. But what puts this one above all others?

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For best results, let the chicken marinate overnight, so the seasoning has time to thoroughly penetrate the meat. The chicken can also be roasted in the oven if desired. In a regular column on low-fat cooking, chef and author Eileen Yin-Fei Lo shared her recipes for Chinese food and how to avoid hidden fat in marinades, sauces, and soups. Dried lily buds, also called tiger lily buds or golden needles, are nutritious and slightly sweet. In Chinese dishes, they are often used with the dried fungi known as tree ear, or wood ear, mushrooms. Although both add layers of chewy texture to this dish, they can be omitted.