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Top 17 Greenest University Campuses Around the World

They also work intensively with businesses and civil society to create new knowledge and new ways of applying it. EUA promotes this by highlighting the role of universities as providers of that new knowledge and as vital partners throughout society - in particular in ensuring that research is open to all. EUA connects universities across Europe to tackle the energy challenge through research, education and innovation. It aims to facilitate the full participation of European universities in energy- and environment-related EU programmes and to achieve the creation of the Energy Union and a sustainable energy future for Europe.

Sustainable development can only be achieved if discrimination is eradicated and all are empowered to take part in society independent of gender, ethnic origin or socio-economic and cultural background. Universities have an important role in this regard and social mobility and inclusiveness have become strategic questions in higher education. EUA is working to ensure that universities across Europe have a platform to share their approaches and strategies. EUA is also active in monitoring gender equality, especially in university leadership.

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Universities are closely connected to their regions, and they play a crucial role in education, innovation, culture and civic life in their local communities. In order to fulfil their missions, universities need to have an enabling legal framework to make them strong institutions, particularly institutional autonomy and sufficient funding.

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European universities are part of the larger family of universities around the world, and EUA actively promotes dialogue on five continents, working for an inclusive global higher education and research community. Sustainable development is crucial to the future of Europe and the entire planet.

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The framework of This publication aims to help EU citizens understand the meaning of these 17 goals and invites them to explore and evaluate the situation of their View more. Monika Skadborg from the European Universities have a key role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and it is clear that Quality Education. This page has been kept up here for historical interest, but it's quite old.

‘Universities in the age of Sustainable Development’ - Prof Jeffrey Sachs (2016)

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Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer. Rank: 37 Total score: Never has this information been more urgently needed or more valuable — especially from a student perspective. We have finished our assessment for the league table and don't currently have a timetable for the next assessment period. Send these details to: universityleague peopleandplanet. The process read more below was that we gathered information at a point in time, then offered all universities a chance to see what we had gathered and appeal any corrections or omissions.

The league is based on publicly available data at the time the research was done; it is a snap-shot in time and scores will not be changed in this year's league based on information received or published subsequently.

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Yes, you can purchase the full data set through our Extras Packages. Over half the criteria is scored using data collected and made public by the Higher Education Statistics Agency or other public verified data sources you can find out which by looking at the methodology - we publish the whole thing to be as transparent as possible.

The 25 Best Green Colleges for 12222

The rest is scored based on information made public by the university itself. We ask questions covering 13 sustainability topics; including carbon reduction, student and staff engagement, sustainable food, workers rights, ethical investment and education for sustainability. The full methodology is published on this website.

Please use the tabs on the left hand side of the Methodology web pages to navigate each section. Most of the methodology looks the same from year to year, however, the questions are reviewed and developed over time to respond to changes in policy, environmental science, HE sector requirements and the evolution of norms and legislation around human rights and other social justice issues. We're a small charity 8 people! This work is priced as part of our support packages. Support package info available here.

How to Improve Sustainability in Higher Education

Expert university staff and professionals working to improve sustainability in Higher Education take part in consultation focus groups and help develop the criteria from year to year. The remaining methodology assesses information that is made publicly available on the university website.

Universities can support the assessment by hosting vital documents - such as carbon management plans - online, which allow for the information to be checked and audited. Universities will be told when their websites will be assessed.