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May his holiness become evident to all the people of God so that he may soon be numbered among your Saints.

Reflections on Intercession : Standing Tall on Our Knees

Spiritual Life through Reflections, Meditations and Contemplations. Head of State and Saint?

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Published by pascalbcd - dans Holiness commenter cet article …. Blog : Spiritual Life through Reflections, Meditations and Contemplations Description : Some meditations, reflections and contemplations according to the Christian tradition which attempt to go beyond the ordinariness of life Contact.

Important Notice! She took an ample supply of provisions and rode upon an ass to meet David. David gave heed to her advice and thus her household was spared.

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When Abigail returned home, Nabal was having a great feast and was quite drunk, she therefore could not speak to him until the next morning. When Nabal learnt of what had transpired the bible tells us his heart died within him so that he became as a stone various translations ascribe this to a heart attack or stroke. He died ten days later.

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David later proposed to Abigail and she became his wife. What can we learn from this story? If she had not intervened in this situation her entire household would have been wiped out. Women and mothers have been blessed by God with a softer temperament and therefore often serve as a good foil for their harsher husbands and children particularly sons.

If you find yourself in a situation where a rash action by one of your relatives could bring danger to your family, your intervention could save the family. Many women in the church have unsaved husbands and children, your intercession could save your family. I want to challenge you to pray persistently for the salvation of your husband and children. Your intercession can lead to their salvation.

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Finally, I would like to say a word to the men, and to all persons prone to mean and rash behaviour. Your behaviour can lead to your own destruction and the destruction of your family. When God blesses us with earthly possessions we must be willing to help when we are able to. Nabal was foolish and this brought about his ultimate demise. Remember the rich fool of St Luke While we strive for wealth and possessions, let us make sure that our heart is right with God and that we are benevolent with what God had entrusted to us.

Today, I extended a call to intercession to all the women and mothers of Zion. Too many of your sons and husbands have been destroyed by rash and foolish behaviour. Let us talk to God about these situations.