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Jesus contrasted the attitudes of three witnesses to the scene of a victim who had been beaten half-dead. A priest and Levite passed him by but they did not stop to help, probably because they were on their way to the holy city of Jerusalem, and did not want to risk the possibility of ritual impurity. Their piety got in the way of their charity. But an outsider, a Samaritan, came to the man's rescue.

There was deep hostility between Jews and Samaritans, and the words 'Samaritan' and 'neighbor' were generally not used together. But Jesus made the supposed villain into the hero. He asked the scribe, "Who was neighbor to the wounded man? NOVA -- National Organization for Victim Assistance The National Organization for Victim Assistance is a private, non-profit organization of victim and witness assistance programs and practitioners, criminal justice agencies and professionals, mental health professionals, researchers, former victims and survivors, and others committed to the recognition and implementation of victim rights and services.

As it moves from the angel's joyful greeting and the Virgin's pious assent, the Rosary takes its inspiration from the Gospel to suggest the attitude with which the faithful should recite it. In the harmonious succession of Hail Mary's, the Rosary puts before us once more a fundamental mystery of the Gospel--the incarnation of the Word, contemplated at the decisive moment of the Annunciation of Mary. The Rosary is thus a Gospel prayer, as pastors and scholars like to define it, more today perhaps then in the past.

Mary seated herself at the feet of Jesus, and listened to his words just as a disciple of a Jewish rabbi would do. Martha criticized her sister for neglecting her duties as a host, but Mary showed true hospitality by being totally present to her guest. When Martha complained that Mary had left her with all the serving, Jesus told Martha that she was too "anxious and worried about many things" v.

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The one thing that should concern her was "to seek God's kingdom before all else" Mary freely chose to be Jesus' disciple, and she would not be deprived of the opportunity. Her service to others would flow from her single-hearted devotion to the Lord.

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The day is set aside to atone for the sins against God of the past year, to atone for sins against another, and righting the wrongs committed against them, if possible. Yom Kippur is a complete Sabbath; no work can be performed on that day. Jews fast beginning before sunset in the evening and ending after nightfall on the day of Yom Kippur. Most of the holiday is spent in prayer in the synagogue. At the close of the evening services, the shofar, or ram's horn, is blown with a long blast signaling the end of the feast.

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In Luke's gospel, the setting is a time of prayer, characteristic of his gospel. The briefer text of Luke may be less familiar, but it probably reflects the original instruction of Jesus. In order to have a right relationship with God the Father, we must seek him in prayer, as Jesus did. It's true. If you meditate on the Lord's Prayer - beginning with the last phrase and going backwards to the first phrase - you move from the world of evil to the world of the Father.

You recreate, in effect, the journey of the Israelites out of Egypt. Kay Murdy builds her provocative book on this insight, moving in eight steps from an all-too real world to intimacy with the Holy One. Along the way, she builds powerful connections between Scripture and Tradition and the Old and New Testaments. Discussion questions make this a useful tool for introducing catechumens to the Lord's Prayer. You can order my book by contacting me at: murdyk netscape. His success aroused the ire of local pagans, and he was imprisoned by the Roman governor.

He was martyred in the persecutions of Valerius along with Saint Rusticus and Saint Eleutherius, who may have been his deacons. He was beheaded c. His corpse was thrown in the Seine, but was recovered and buried by his converts. Saint Genevieve built a basilica over his grave. Saint Denis is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, a group of saints venerated because their intercession is believed to be effective against various diseases.

His example attracted some young laymen to assist him, most of whom became priests themselves. This group formed the Clerks Regular of the Mother of God, a congregation of diocesan priests. The Clerks were confirmed in by Pope Clement VIII, but because of an unfounded accusation that John wanted to form the group for his personal advancement, he was exiled for most of the rest of his life.

In John Leonardi formed the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for the purpose of spreading the faith, and published a compendium of Christian doctrine that remained in use until the 19th century. Because of this he is rightly looked upon as the founder of the Institute which is now called the Work of the Propagation of the Faith. He died at Rome in the year attending victims of the plague. This parable sheds light upon Jesus' petition " Give us each day our daily bread " Lk In the story, a man came at night to ask his neighbor for bread to feed a friend who had just arrived.

Although the neighbor's family was asleep, he gave in to the request because of the man's persistence. Jesus asked, if a friend was moved to give favors, how much more would the heavenly Father grant whatever his children needed? Would human parents give something harmful to their children when they asked for something to eat? Mirrory windows. Sliding doors! We want books for our children that reflect the worlds they know and the worlds they have yet to greet.

We want them to see themselves in their books mirrors , see others unlike themselves windows , and have a way to get from one place to another sliding doors. To accomplish this, all you have to do is publish a whole bunch of books about kids of different races, religions, abilities, persuasions, you name it. Great strides have been made over the last few years in the general consciousness of the publishing industry the publishers, the librarians, the teachers, and even the parents even as teeny tiny, itty bitty, itsy bitsy tiptoes have been made in terms of what actually is getting published.

Much of the credit for spearheading efforts to bring to light more and more books for all children can be given to the We Need Diverse Books movement. Contemporary Jewish characters are rare. Muslim characters rarer still. Interestingly enough, the area where diversity has increased the most is in early chapter books.

Short chapters meet universal headaches with details only available in Bogota, Colombia ultimately combining to bring us a gal who will strike you as both remarkably familiar and bracingly original. She has a good furry best friend her dog, Lucas and a good not-so-furry best friend Juli. Cool, right? Only nothing goes the way Juana planned. Could anything be more unfair? Yet as Juana searches for sympathy amongst her friends and relatives, she realizes that everyone seems to think that learning English is a good thing.

Are they crazy? In a big way. Any child that has ever learned to read will know where Juana is coming from.

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How can I know when people are talking about eyes or ice when they sound about the same? And what about left hand and left the room? Some kids reading this book may have experience learning another language too. For a long time it was Zapato Power or nothing. And like Anna Hibiscus or The Great Cake Mystery I love books for younger children that go through daily life in other present day countries. Windows indeed. Early chapter books are interesting because publishers see them as far more series-driven than their writers might.

An author can crank out title after title after title to feed the needs of their young readers, always assuming the demand is there, and they can do it easier with books under pages than above.

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Juana could fit the bill in this regard. Her personality is likable, for starters. Jones or willfully headstrong in the same way as Ramona, but she does screw up. She does complain wildly.