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The Crime Files Series continues with the second book. Ann takes her readers through a journey into crimes that took place and were almost hard to crack. Tim Harris is poster perfect Florida state trooper who is connected to bizarre fantasies while under cover of his badge. The investigation reveals horrific things about him that have laid silent and away from the law for a long time. He has been abusing his wife, and since he is a police officer everyone seems to assume the matter, but it is not long before he is brought to justice.

The book progresses with the Black Christmas story in which a family is brutally murdered out of a simple misunderstanding. This is one of those stories that are really heartbreaking seeing the brutality done on innocent lives. Further, into the pages, the writer tells the One Prick Pony story, The Computer Error, and The Killer plus other more cases which demonstrate a high level of hatred in the society. These stories tell more about a society that is profoundly affected by crime and more so murders some from very trivial issues. However and also goes on the other side to prove that in the long run crime will always have its punishment by the law.

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The book is terrifying from the incidences that Ann describes as she gives an almost vivid picture of happenings. For true crime books lovers, this is that book that will arrest your attention and offer you a great taste. Love makes people do crazy things and to the extent of murder which is seen in this true story given by Ann rule in this book.

A love triangle involving two young men and an alluring young wife is the leading case in this story. A simple love affair turns chaotic and leads to a series of events including murder that at first seem almost impossible to unmask. The first story involves the murder of Blankenbaker and is one of the saddest things that the residents of Yakima Washington ever had to experience.

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Anna takes the reader through the case unraveling secrets that had been deeply buried and also which portray a lot of hatred by the perpetrators of these crimes. Obsessive love turns dangerous to the extents of murders and numerous cover-ups which took many twists and turns before the case was finally solved. The author, just like in other books does excellent work in taking the reader into details on this case while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Further, into the book, the author brings to light other cases that happened during that time with some going to extremes that are profoundly disturbing — an accurate picture of moral degradation and the cruelty that some people out in the world harbor is painted in this story. The stories are well described with specific pointers to educate the reader on the true happenings on the popular cases.

The author is incredibly good at details and honestly describes characters from a personal level. It is an emotional book which will move you from the different occurrences that Ann describes. She presents researched and accurate facts about the cases every time. Jack Reacher is back! The latest book in this extremely popular series, called Blue Moon , arrives on bookshelves on October 29th.

All Jack wants is to help an old couple and suddenly he is in the middle of a brutal gang war. Yep that sounds like Reacher. Lee Child has been killing it lately so hopefully that continues. Pre-Order now. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. She couldn't remember when she got sick.

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  7. Sometimes people came and went, and her friends' faces seemed to float above her, their expressions worried and concerned. How do you feel? She couldn't describe how she felt. And so tired that she could not imagine cooking a meal or making a bed or walking to the mailbox ever again.

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    When she could fix her mind on her children, she wept inside for them. They no longer had a mother, only a useless, swollen blob who sat propped up in a recliner chair while the world went on without her.

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    The doctors didn't seem to know what to do about her. The one man she trusted most assured everyone that she was doing just fine, and that he would take care of her. Sometimes he said that all she needed was to have her gall bladder removed.

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    He didn't think there was anything really wrong with her. And he, of all people, would surely know. But nothing changed. She sat in her chair for what seemed like months. He lay on the couch nearby, rarely leaving her alone. Sometimes it seemed to her that he was watching over her with concern, and sometimes he didn't seem to notice her any more than if she were a piece of furniture.

    The ice clinked in his drink as he watched television, clicking the channel changer often. His voice slurred, and he dozed off, but he never did anything, despite the questions people kept asking him. Why don't you take her to the hospital? They have a skeleton staff on the weekends, he told them. She's much better off here with me And so, day after day, the sun came up with pale washed skies, grew bright and hot at noon, and faded until the room was again in shadow.

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    And Debbie Pignataro was still there. At length, with what rational thought she could manage, she began to believe that she would die there, surrounded by people who loved her -- people whom she loved -- and yet somehow beyond all hope of rescue. About The Author. Leslie Rule. Ann Rule. Product Details. Resources and Downloads. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!

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