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Hi… I purchase many ceramic vase decoration from Jingdezhen. Will try to send from Jiujiang,Jianxi Port. I want to send it to Indonesia port in Medan. But I confius with the shipping cost from China to Indonesia, because every agent I ask give different cost to be paid. I want to ask what include in the shipping cost from China port to Indonesia Port. Ester — well shipping is a competitive business so you are getting competing quotes. I would like know about the import taxs on importing used books for six school libraries.

China also has a monopoly on all imported books, magazines and so on and this is a very difficult area to make any headway. Publishing and selling books to China is not a viable business, take my word on this. We are looking to export scrap copper millberry from China to Australia can you advise all tax and duty we will encounter in China. Barry Eadie.

We are looking to import slate into china for use in producing product which will be exported to North America. What is tax and duty on slate from India to China. Doug: Depending on the material of the slate e. If the tax treaty applies between India and China, the minimum import rate could apply, which ranges from 0 percent to We must provide our specialised woven polyester textiles to the clothing maker so need to know what rate of import duty would be payable in China on this type of textile.

Thanks, Gary. You could also write a letter to them at the following address:. To make an online tip-off, you need to register on the SAT website by providing your legitimate personal information, then report the details. Gary North: In terms of the woven polyester textiles, the common import rate is percent, but the minimum import rate to China could be 10 percent with relevant tax treaties.

VAT rate is 17 percent. So i want to know about duty tax of Beijing for pashmina. Please could you tell me about this? We are planning to export of papers and paper board from China to third countries. Please let us know the rate of Import duty and other taxes in china. Minimum import rate of 3 percent could apply if there is a relevant tax treaty between India and China. The VAT rate is 17 percent.

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Nabaraj Pandey The common import rate for pashmina is percent which could be reduced to percent minimum import rate if tax treaties exist. By the way, thank you for providing the HS Code which makes our job easier and more accurate when answering these questions. I want to export device from europe for mould trial to china, after trials this device will be sent back to Europe, How looks taxes with temporary export.

Can you kindly advice what procedures I have to do to apply for tax exemptions? Recently purchased a LCD monitor from China and it arrived faulty. Seller informed to send it back but I have checked and the cost to send it back plus the duties and taxes already outweighs the cost of the item. Is there a term that returned goods can be exempted? I only received the item about a week ago. Any documents I can provide to help? The third party courier did not hand me any invoice from the seller in the first place.

In order to be granted ATA, certain amounts of deposit or other types of guarantee will be required by the customs. In addition, to be qualified for temporarily imported goods, the goods should be exported generally within 6 months, any extension will need approval from the customs. The import and export duty and VAT are exempted for temporarily imported goods. We are purchasing fashion jewellery items from suppliers in Qingdao, China.

When the supplier exports the jewellery can they claim back any of the VAT on the components used? Joanne: The suppliers could claim VAT refund for the jewelry items. Depending on the material of the jewelry, the VAT refund rate generally ranges from 0 percent to 13 percent. We are a company based in Boston, MA. We ordered crude oil lab analysis from Shanghai, China. The invoice we received contains VAT tax. Do we have to pay VAT taxe in this case? If our activity can be classified as anything it would be more along the lines of services exporting.

Tina: Generally speaking, Chinese companies providing consulting or authentication services to foreign companies should be VAT exempted unless the subject matter the products or goods for which the services are provided for are located or produced in China. Hamish: The normal import rate for importing dried fruit into China is 70 percent, but it could be reduced to 25 percent if there are tax treaties applied between Australia and China.

The import VAT is 13 percent. Thank you Chris, can they claim the refund on totoal cost of the item or just the component? In your case, the supplier can claim the VAT back based on the valid tax certificates for components they should have. The refund rates are not available online, they will need to check with the customs for detailed information. Me and a freind want to import candy from Sweden to sell in China. What custom or tax fees could we expect? Tina: If the subject matter the products or goods which the services is conducted on is located or produced in China, you are subject to VAT.

For more information, please contact china dezshira. Jonas: The normal rate for import candy is 50 percent. The minimum rate of 10 percent could apply if you enact the relevant tax treaty between China and Sweden. KS: The customs duty for exporting steel boom structure is 0 percent. Where can I find the rules and regulations for import of Gold and Silver into China? Can one set up a trading company in China to import Gold and Silver and sell the same to Jewellers and Traders? What are the applicable VAT and other taxes for the same? Sandeep: There is no export duty imposed on agricultural machinery.

Exporters in the country are subject to 17 percent VAT rate, but they are able to declare VAT rebate and the rebate rate varies on different types of machine, usually ranging from 11 percent to 14 percent. Chris: Thank you. How do you go about properly calculating the VAT. Sir, I plan to open a new plant of door Profile in China, then manufacturing at China or export all material to India So what is the taxes will be calculated for China nation thanking your Anil.

Anil: The major taxes you will be subject to are value-added taxes and customs duties. Sunil; That is an Indian import tax question. Alternatively contact our Delhi office directly at delhi dezshira. I need your help Chris. I would like to know import sunflower oil to third country China from Russia and what would be the taxes and custom duties. Is it legal to Import sunflower oil to china? Babuna — It is legal to import sunflower oil from Russia to China.

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The normal import duty is per cent, but it would be 9 per cent if there are relevant treaties between China and Russia. It is also subject to 13 per cent value-added tax. Hi Chris perhaps you can help here: we may export artworks temporarily from China. I know that after 6 months it is possible to request an extension for another maximum 6 months, right? After that, what happens if:. Elena — we called the national customs hotline about this and was told that: 1 It is possible to request an extension for another 6 months, and the application should be made 30 days prior to the expiration of the first 6 month period; 2 When they apply to temporarily export artworks, they are required to pay a deposit fee that is equivalent to the amount of export duties for exporting the artwork.

The deposit fee will be returned if the artwork is reimported to China within the stipulated period. But if the artwork is not returned to China within the period stipulated, the deposit fee will automatically be converted into export duties and paid to the Customs, regardless of whether the work has been sold, returned late, or not returned at all. I trust that clarifies the issue Best regards; Chris.

Many thanks in advance and best regards, Ana. Have a nice day! Best regards, Julia. The minimum import duty rate of 6. Hi Chris, I want to import cut and polished natural semi precious stone in to china from India or Hong Kong , then what will be the import duty ,VAT and other duties applicable. In other case i export rough gems stone from china to other countries what duties will be applicable. Would you suggest any agency in guangzhou city ,china who can assist me in documentation at competitive prices. Dear How much for import duty ,consumption tax and valuated tax if we import thr hand bags H.

Code Can I refund the import duty ,consumptiontax,VAT when exporting? Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Angati: The normal import rate of polished natural semi precious stone is 14 percent, the minimum import rate of 3 percent applies if tax treaty status applies and relevant provisions are activated.

There is no export rate imposed on rough gemstones. Kamolrat: The normal import rate is percent, the minimum import rate of 10 percent applies if tax treaty exists and relevant provisions are activated. Import duty and consumption tax are not refundable. VAT is refundable only when you are exporting from China.

Could you please help me to know that in which category cotton linter pulp comes and what will be the custom duty on this when importing from china to India. Also please advise me the whole process for importing any material from China to India. Amit: The normal import rate for cotton linter pulp is 8 per cent, the export rate is 10 per cent and the value-added tax rate is 17 per cent H. S code: The minimum import rate is zero if tax treaties and relevant provisions are activated.

Our company is based in Singapore and we fabricate steel structure for our client in China. Our client is a Shipyard in China building oil rigs and we supply them some fabricated steel structures for their rigs. Upon completion of the fabricated components, we ship them to China and listing them as the consignee. If you require professional assistance, please contact our firm at china dezshira. Planning on importing a food additive from US to china.

The additive will be used in the processing of the food and then the food will be exported back to the US. Rob — To be qualified for PSM, all the material used in producing the food must be supplied by the U.

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Thank you in advance! My email in April used the wrong terminology. I plan on shipping product to bonded warehouse wherein the food processor will receive product. Is any VAT or Duty the responsibility of the processor to have them exempt? Do I need a Trading License is it unnecessary? Rob: These are very specific questions. Our team will get back to you directly and we need to know more details. Bear in mind we may need to charge for time here, this is more than a simple query about tariffs.

Could you please help me check what are the HS codes of dairy product? By the way please how much tax costs and tariffs. I have consultants that I regularly use within the UK but I am interested in what options may be available closing to my Sourcing office. We do have an office in Hong Kong but it does company formation, accounting, China business planning, that sort of service. I guess the best thing to do is to google and see who you can find.

Or do I have to pay upfront first and collect them back when I export? Therefore, you only have to pay 2 percent instead of 10 percent. But you still have to pay VAT of 13 percent. The products imported to China for domestic consumption should be subject to VAT. If you were to import raw materials for the purpose of re-export, the raw materials imported to China should be exempt from import VAT or consumption duty.

What fees tax, duty should we count with? Who should pays the tax, and duty rates Our company or my customers? Tamas: Your products shall be subject to a MFN most-favored-nation treatment duty rate of 10 percent and a value-added tax rate of 17 percent. The tax and duties should be paid by your company. My company is based in Singapore and we are planning to export electronics components Capacitors, resistors etc to a new China customer in Beijing.

Jeremy — Your product should be subject to a value-added tax rate ranging from 15 per cent to 17 per cent this depends on the materials used and the exact kind of electronic components. What fees tax, duty or others should we pay? Who should pay the tax and the duty? Our company or our buyers? Mariana — Your products shall be subject to a MFN most-favored-nation treatment duty rate of 6. We purchase goods from China as components for a product we assemble in Canada, and we sometimes need to send samples of these same components back to our supplier for quality review.

We get charged VAT. Is there any harmonized code that can be applied to samples being returned, that would avoid the VAT? I have emailed you about this directly. We import chemicals and intermediates from China.

Is this information correct. Belgium to China. Especially if exceeding the USD 5. Thank you very much! Duraimani: To date this year there has been no news related to the reduction of export rebates for chemicals and intermediates for this year. To make sure which rate is applicable, more detailed information such as the type of materials and percentage used in the finished garment, plus the type of product coat, pants, underwear, etc.

You can email us for further details at china dezshira. Consequently, whether you take bank notes or coins, it does not make any difference. I would like to make photo luminescent luminous paints and do that I need to mix white paint with some pigments. I would like to import the pigment this is in a powder form from China to the UK. Is this considered as importing raw materials? How much tax will I have to pay?

Is there a difference if the pigment is in a liquid form? Georgie: First, as a buyer and exporter, you have no import duty to pay tax to China tax authorities. But you do need to fulfil any import tax in the UK and will need to search for a UK firm to advise you on this. Angela Lee: The HS code you provided above does not exist. Is it right? Andreas: The importation of sheet music into China falls under the category of import of books.

There are no other direct taxes. However, all imported manuscripts must go through preliminary reviews, while the reviewer is not the Ministry of Propaganda, but the state-owned companies which have the exclusive right to import books. I would like to import — Multi-station transfer machines for working metal to China. Currently looking at what the best strategic location for production will be. Could you help us with the following scenarios:. The value of engine is What would we pay on top of that for import taxes, VAT and custom duties?

Its unclear to me what the Importduty and Consumertax rates are. At the moment we are investigating if its wiser to set up a own company in China. And if so, would I have to pay duty on it? Lee: We have replied to you directly on this. Susan: As the value is under USD you may not need to declare it. However, customs may still challenge you and ask you if these are to be resold. That would break a number of laws, and consequently could cause some issues as regards why you are carrying such unusual personal belongings with you. Its pretty confusing as to what are the applicable Importduty and Consumertax rates if we wish to sell it in retail.

Also what are the taxes for E-retailing. Also Please Advise as to if its wiser to set up our own company in China. Dear Zahid, thanks for your comment and I sent you a seperate email with more insights and questions. Regarding the import duty and consumption tax, we will need a more precise HS code of at least 8 figures to narrow down the exact product category. The current four figure-code yields over 70 pages with multiple product categories on each of them.

The tax specific to retail including through electronic channels, e. Additionally, a local surcharge will be added to the VAT, i. The distribution of products through e-commerce channels remains to be difficult to control for foreign capital investors. An easy entry into the market can be distribution companies that specialize in your kind of product.

At the same time you can put together a plan to build your own infrastructure through a wholly foreign-owned enterprise WFOE and the right partners. I need to choose whether to import packaged perfume in 50ml bottles, ready for retail, or bulk perfume to be bottled in China. Could you please give me some insight on this, or point me in the right direction to find all the information I need? Santo: The tax rates for perfume H.

Santo: Just to clarify further, HS code is for raw aromatics used to manufacture perfume, whereas is for processed perfume. Good luck with this endeavour! Dear Chris, We propose to export water meters to China from Europe. Does the Chinese govt. Please send a reply directly on my email. We export a range of Isolators for use predominantly in the Oil and Gas industry, from the UK into China and many other countries.

HSS Code Looking on the Web it would appear that VAT at least should be reclaimable.

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Can you confirm if this is the case? Generally speaking, reclaiming import VAT and custom duty may be allowed within 1 year from the date of import custom clearance, if the the imported goods are genuinely of poor quality or poor standards, and is returned intact. This fact of poor quality or standards needs to be supported by quality inspection report issued by relevant quality inspection authorities. May I seek for your advice? We are sourcing from china these two products Also, could you share the link page? I visited the customs website but they are all in chinese.

Chi Nguyen: For the Goods under H. This information is unavailable outside of Chinese language websites. Hi, we are planning to import gasoline generators and diesel generators from China to Indonesia. Sarah: There are no export duties payable when exporting from China. Hi Chris, Re your kind reply of 4th Jan to my question about importing perfume thanks a million!

The question I need to ask you is about the difference between general and preferential duties. I was led to believe by some locals that general was for finished products ready for retail sales and preferential was for bulk product i. I understand from your e-mail that this is not the case. Therefore, my question is: in what cases is the preferential tariff applied, particularly with reference to finished perfumes and raw materials to make perfumed and cosmetics in China?

This may change in December of this year. Vikram: Sent you a private email to follow up with HS codes.

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Happy to look into duty structure for you. We were unable to find a product listed under H. The closest approximation we found, H. Thanks a lot for your support. Thank you for your comment. Generally, there is no VAT payable on export of products. VAT on goods is generally not applicable when sold to entities outside of Mainland China.

It is important for the exporter however to receive proper VAT invoices from suppliers. Otherwise a VAT refund application will not be successful. Dear Sir, I would like to buy a hydroelectric turbine and generator from China for my personal use to be installed on my property. I have a quote that includes shipment to Port of NY. I have no experience dealing with the Chinese and no experience importing. If this unit is shipped to the Port of NY, I am concerned about customs, duties, tariffs, entry fees and whatever else I may not even know about.

Is this a relatively routine transaction that can be easily accomplished by someone like myself? Are there folks or companies out there that can be contracted to assist in doing this. What would you recommend to be the safest and provide the best value and least amount of hassle. Should I go it alone or hire someone? Can you recommend someone or some entity that I can deal with. Thank you, -Mark. There are several listed if you search google.

On this forum we are only able to provide advise concerning China import rates and duties. Santo: We had to work a bit to get an answer to you on the issue you raised, hence the delay. It is a complicated subject you raise. However, to answer you in detail, customs duty rates for imports shall include most-favored-nation tariff rates, conventional tariff rates, preferential tariff rates, general tariff rates and tariff rates for quota items.

Provisional rates of import duties may be implemented for a specified period of time. Where applicable, provisional rates shall apply for imports subject to most-favored-nation tariff. Where provisional rates are applicable for imports on which conventional and preferential tariff rates apply, the lower of the applicable rates shall apply. Provisional rates shall not apply for imports subject to general tariff. Specifically for your question, to apply the preferential tariff rates, the goods must be sourced from a country or region which has treatment contained preferential tariff rates clause with China, or sourced from a MFN country.

First af all congratulations on your column and labor. Found it very helpfull for many entrepenuers. We are a Company from Mexico currently working on promoting Packed Tuna minced I believe is HS: and we would like to know the Tariff duties and taxes to be paid, in order to sell this product into China. Parallel we see the eventual need to set up a representation office of our company in China in order to facilitate our imports and our dealss with Chinese clients.

Since we are new on the subject we would like your oppnioin on that matter. Do you think its a good idea? In response to your question, normally the HS code of a product would have 10 digits and it seems that the HS code is incomplete. Based on a preliminary search, the following two categories of products might be close to the packed minced tuna with their corresponding HS code, import customs duty tariff and applicable taxes were found. Please keep in mind that the information below is an estimate only and the actual import customs duty and tax rates may vary.

HS: Non-whole or diced other canned fish 2. HS: Other processed or preserved fish. The correct way of price adjustment will depend on the reason for why there is a price adjustment in the first place. Taken this into account, the customs, tax and foreign exchange authorities will need to thoroughly understand the reason for the price adjustment. I am sending you a separate email where we can go into a bit more detail and see how we may be able to support you. We mistakenly shipped products to our Chinese customer that need to be returned unused.

Are the taxes applicable if the products were never used? Since my suppliers are fully responsible for the quality of the delivered goods I discuss penalty payments or price adjustments directly with my suppliers. Now, my suppliers are telling me that that would have to include VAT in these penalty payments as they can only pass-on the penalty cost to their material suppliers in the form of VAT invoices.

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We manufacture our systems in China, our system contains parts that literally come from all over the world. At this point, we have parts located in the USA and Canada that were made in China, they need to be sent to China and will be re-exported integrated into our systems machines within 6 months. How can i go about getting these items into China without paying the taxes being that they will be exported within a few weeks?

As mentioned previously, these items are made in China, and the reason for sending them there again is because of the reduced manufacturing costs in China — having to pay high taxes would deter my company from wanting to manufacture in China. In addition, I am at a point where I need to rush items to China and I will be going there next week — is there a process where I can bring these items through the border and clear customer, or do I have to send them separately by courier?

We are dealer with company registered in Singapore. How do I present the CIF price in document commercial invoice for customs for calculation of duty and tax? Is there another document that I need to present to customs at CIF price for duty and tax purposes? Please read send me your e-mail adress because we want to send you a presentation and our cooperation proposal for products distribution in Italy.

Please advise. We are an Indian group and are willing to set up an office here in Guangzhou. I have heard that any foreign company if opens office in China get few advantages after fulfilling few terms, I appreciate your swift reply on the matter and hope you can help us to setup a small office. Hello Reed, sounds like the factories are referring to a Customs Handbook. Such companies, which are under the supervision of PRC Customs, are required to maintain records to track the receipt of materials, storage, use and ultimate export of products manufatured from these imported materials.

I wish to import finished stone cut to size and unfinished slab into China. Hi, I have machines made in china that are then exported out of china. All parts are sourced from within china with the exception of one part that needs to be sent from Germany to china, put into the machine so the machine can be completed and exported to USA. Is it possible for the factory I use in china to claim back the sales tax and duty on the imported part. If so, how is this done. This is G. Sarathy from India, our exporter have to export to China.

Also if you know somebody interested from China to buy and import into China please let me know the contact. May I know what is the import duty tariff for edible oil in China? Has it changed in the last few years? If so, when was it implemented? I am planning to export part-finished silver and brass jewellery into China, for my supplier to do some work on them and then return these still part-finished pieces of jewellery to the UK. Great work helping so many here — thanks. I started a company in Cebu Philippines making melamine dishware.

The original machines were made in Dongguan China. I have 4 melamine press machines I would like to ship back into China and relocate our Cebu factory to China. The machine ages range from 1 to four years old — all made by the same Chinese equipment maker. As a Chinese made product it would at least get MFN status. What would be the declared value for used equipment?

Is shipping used equipment back into China frowned upon? My Chinese contacts are saying I would better off just selling the equipment and purchasing new again in China. Thanks Mike. Thank you for your comment and questions. If I understand correctly, you with to import materials to China for partial assembly and then return these to the UK.

There are several factors in play here that could affect the taxation, most importantly the use of bonded zones. If you are using a bonded zones as a location for the assembly then you could be exempt from taxation altogether. Some factors to consider are where you will be assembling the products, who will do the assembly and what relationship you have with them.

Thank you for your kind words and questions. Allow me to explain as best I can here. Your contacts in China may have been right in saying that it would be best to sell the equipment and just buy fresh when you move back to China. Some issues that you could face would be valuing the machinery and declaring them as fixed assets. This would be easier to achieve through purchasing new machinery, and would also avoid customs and inspection.

I planning to export a used bore piles machine for use in foundations jobs from China to Malaysia. The machine was originally fabricate in Italy-Europe and import in China by the actual owner. I need to pay any export duty. If yes how much?. The owner will be able to claim VAT refund. Waiting for your positive reply. Do you have any solutions?

This is an issue that can have several outcomes. The company who imports the products declare the goods to be second hand and usually what happens in situations of overseas repairs is that the goods are just declared as new. Any kind of deception could be met with consequences. So essentially the goods should be declared as they are if they have been previously sold.

Have the goods been previously sold or are they new goods that were damaged in transit? Could you you please send me an email and provide more detail. I do love the way you have presented this matter plus it really does supply us some fodder for consideration. All the same, thank you for this excellent piece and while I can not necessarily concur with this in totality, I regard the point of view.

Do you know anything about this? Where can I get more information on it? I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! The machinery is built originally in South Korea HS code I want to import them to india. While Chinese consumers mostly buy locally manufactured vehicles, U. TSLA , bear the brunt of trade tensions. If tensions should flare up again, however, you can expect that China will hit the automobile industry with another round of tariffs. China also lies at the heart of the complicated global automotive supply chain, which means U.

INTC , are seen as especially vulnerable in a trade war scenario. Apple Inc. AAPL has been able to escape tariffs on its China-assembled phones so far, but that will change if Trump imposes tariffs on all Chinese imports like he is threatening. The trade war has already had an impact on the iPhone maker's earnings since it adversely affected the slowing Chinese economy.

The timing may have been coincidental, but trade tensions and concerns about intellectual property and national security also exacerbated the situation with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. Huawei is a very important company to China, and Trump did little to allay fears that it was a pawn in a political battle when he told Reuters he would intervene in the case if it were to mean a better trade deal for the U. If the fight for technological dominance and the trade war escalate, China may choose to retaliate with tariffs or cripple American companies with other tactics. China is the fourth largest agricultural export market for the U.

As trade tensions have ebbed and flowed, however, one key buzzword has been soybeans. Traditionally, China has been the largest importer of U. In , Chinese officials imposed an added tariff on U. American soybean farmers were put in a bind, with huge stockpiles of product that they couldn't sell. Given that soybeans have become a token of the trade war between the U. You have done the hard work of finding suppliers, verifying their status in order to weed out scammers, and narrowed down your list of potential future partners to actual manufacturers. You already have an idea of the existing or new product you want to import.

Now, it is time to link your idea with a supplier who can make it a reality, all at the best price and quality per your specifications. At this point, you want to see what kinds of capabilities the suppliers you have shortlisted possess. The next few steps in this part of the process depend on whether you are creating a new product or attempting to import an existing one. The end goal of Part 4 is to get a sample in your hands. This will let you initially assess the quality of the product the manufacturer is capable of producing, as well as the ability of the company to meet your requirements as a buyer for timely communication and any customization requests you may have.

If you feel uneasy about the amount they are requesting, look for a few quotes online from different shipping companies to assess how much it would cost to send a package of equivalent weight to your sample from the factory to its end destination. However this is not always the case, so it would be prudent to make sure you read the next few Parts of the guide before continuing. If you are working on an entirely new product idea or plan to make significant design or customization changes to an existing product, you must read Part 5 before requesting samples or continuing in the process in order to ensure your intellectual property is protected as much as possible.

For details on finding the ideal supplier to bring a new product idea to market, see Chapter 4 of How To import Kit. It is strongly recommended that you consult an attorney experienced with intellectual property IP and business law for the country you plan to import from and to.

The following should in no way be considered as legal advice and is not presented as such. The author is not an attorney. This is simply an overview gained from personal experience. This Part of the guide will begin by explaining the Types of Legal Risk , move on to explaining Legal Frameworks Abroad , and conclude with an explanation of several different legal agreements you may need and considerations for each.

Product Development — Based on how complicated the prototyping process is for your new product idea, it may make sense to develop a Product Development Agreement. Such an agreement works out who is covering which costs of developing new tools, molds, and so on. The agreement should further determine who owns these items once the manufacturing relationships has ceased.

Manufacturing Process — Risks associated with the manufacturing process arise once you have settled on a supplier. The agreement that nails down all details related to the actual manufacturing process is known by several names including Manufacturing Agreement, Supplier Agreement, and OEM Agreement.

A well thought out Manufacturing Agreement covers issues such as dispute resolution, tooling, ownership of molds over the long term, quality control, intellectual property protection, warranties, pricing, shipment terms and so on. Brand Risk — Protecting your brands and trademarks from infringement and wrongful ownership in every market you operate or plan to operate in.

Tried, tested, and a personal secret to my own success. These three negotiating techniques when combined together help to ensure you get the best price possible from a supplier, and have saved me thousands of dollars during negotiations in the past year alone. Only available through your own copy of How To Import Kit.

Proven to reduce risk and ensure higher quality of imported goods, this order process has saved me from making large orders with bad suppliers many times in the past. Step 8: Ship Logistics teaches you the ins and outs of getting your product from far off factory to in your hands, encompassing dealing with logistics by: Air, Land, Sea — which one for me? For a sneak peek, check out the free downloadable guide. Step Grow! Scaling Up leaves you with some parting tips for scaling up your import from China business and ensuring success: Handing Supply Side Risk going forward Dealing with Demand Side Risk As well as a few final reminders and words of wisdom to follow on your road to success.

Bad time to import! It definitely seems like the world is becoming a less friendly place for international trade. New tariffs against China from the United States, harsher import rules from China in retaliation, and a global trend towards more stringent and unfriendly importing rules are scary on the surface for a entrepreneur hoping to import a new or existing product wholesale from China or anywhere else. But, a deeper look at the situation reveals that things are not as bad as they seem: 1. At the end of the day, anything that increases costs over a certain period of time like tariffs usually gets passed on to the consumer.

So even if the product you are considering importing gets hit with higher tariffs, your competitors and you can pass on the costs to the consumer and maintain your margins. This may slow demand but for most product categories won't eliminate a substantial portion of demand. There are many products that will not be hit with higher tariffs that you can market in the Business to Consumer and Business to Business markets. If you haven't begun importing anything yet, you are actually at an advantage as you can research what categories may face higher tariffs and avoid those product types.

How To Import Kit focuses on China because of the huge demand for imports from there, but all the information, processes, and tools can be used to import from almost any other country as well. Are you ready to possess all of the actionable information outlined above and the secrets, strategies, resources, and tools of How To Import Kit? Click here now to learn more.

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Free 10 Step Guide and Free Chapter. For an absolutely free, no-obligation copy of the first chapter from How To Import Kit and a free 10 Step Guide, simply enter your email address below check your junk filter if you don't see an email from us in a few minutes. Don't worry, we hate spam as much as you do and your email is safe with us. Facts About Importing You can profitably import on your own without expensive consultants or import agency fees. How To Import Kit includes indispensable information you need to arm yourself with in order to crush the import and sourcing process from anywhere in the world.

The absolute treasure found within the How to Import Kit is my time tested Three Pillar Negotiator Process to improve margins and reduce back and forth with suppliers.