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Most parents would give an arm AND a leg to have their children listen to them consistently. Sporadic obedience is welcomed but what truly delights us is consistent good behaviour. It is unreal that anyone would still give out advice like this! Reading parts of this article made me sick to my stomach with dread. Because my mother followed advice like this WE do not have a relationship to this day. What do you do when this doesn't work, I feel like my son has gotten into this routine on of not listening, me warning him and him getting a consequence.

I agree with the above comments, its extremely disrespectful. This article doesn't help you get your kid to listen after the first time they are told. The benefits of seeing kids' "bad" behavior as exploration and experimentation. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

It Doesn’t Bother Me When My Child Doesn’t Listen

Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Myths About Couples Therapy. Some Lie a Lot. Erica Reischer Ph. Feeling Ignored by Your Kids? For older kids, aim for a minimum of eye contact and an acknowledgement that they heard you.

How to Get Your Kids to Listen the First TimeOnce and For All

If not, ask one more time, and then add the following steps to your request: 5. When natural consequences aren't an option, go to step 7. Leave a comment below and share with other readers how this works in your family. Just wanted to let you know I've read it and it's helpful. Submitted by Kristi on October 16, - pm. I agree Submitted by Lynn Hill on December 10, - pm. Same boat Submitted by Jk on November 16, - am.

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How to Make Kids Listen: 30 Genius Resources

More Posts. Continue Reading. Most Popular. The End of Sex. How to Stop Feeling Bad. To combat this, MacNamara says parents should appeal to a child's "want-to" desires instead of making them feel like they have to, a thought shared by HuffPost Canada's parenting expert, Alyson Schafer. To do that, Schafer suggests giving your child options and actions, because children are experiential learners. Kids still aren't listening to you? The experts at Aha! Parenting share 10 ways to get a child to listen , from waiting until they're paying attention to setting up a routine.

Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Kids have to answer two questions:. Can we play tag?

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Can I give him a high five? Can I help him put on his jacket or tie his shoes if mom asks? Instead, tell your child what to DO. Think about it for a moment.

What is your normal, knee-jerk reaction to the 10, requests you get from your child every day? Look for reasons to say yes more often. Should we go Friday after school or Saturday morning? Would you like to have it for dessert on Saturday or Sunday evening? Oh boy, I was as guilty of this as anyone.

My child won’t listen to me – 10 tips to turn things around

Parents, and especially moms, tend to turn a five-second answer into a five-minute dissertation! Help your kids make an appropriate choice by taking this leap of faith. People, and yes, even children, will usually live up to our expectations if we manage them in a positive way. Letting them know, in advance, that you trust them to do the right thing will cultivate open communication lines and increase the likelihood the task will get completed.

A simple way to ensure your child has heard you and that she understands is to ask her to repeat back what you said. This method has been shown to drastically increase information retention from patients. The same tool can be used effectively with children.