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Others have tired to and have failed. He does not look like man, or any other creature of flesh and blood. God is spirit. John ; Luke ; Romans But we do have a picture of God's glory. Want to see it? It is a "word picture" which is designed to bring to our minds a mental image that expresses something about God's glory in terms the human mind can comprehend. It was not concocted by the imperfect mind of man, but rather a picture God chose Himself. Let's look at the picture God paints of Himself! Ezekiel's Vision " This occurred in the 5th month of the year B. We know this from the information given in verse two.

Ezekiel was far from home. He, along with ten thousand other leaders of Judah, had been taken into captivity during the first deportation by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon or Chaldea. Soon, according to prophecy , there would be yet more deportations and finally the city of Jerusalem and its temple would be destroyed. This would also be fulfilled the following decade.

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Ezekiel and others were relocated by the River of Chebar. Recent excavations have uncovered Jewish settlements there giving further evidence that this account is historically accurate. It is here that the "word of the Lord" came to Ezekiel in the form of a vision. In dealing with visions and their meanings, it is best to keep it simple.

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For example, if I say "cat" you picture a "cat" in your mind. But you have to give the book some credit. They sparkled with a gleam like burnished bronze. If Ezekiel was describing angels, why did he give such a strange description of them? Of course he did. His description uses common physical things to point us to the immaterial traits of these magnificent angelic creatures.

For example, Ezekiel describes the four faces on each living creature as being that of a man, a lion, an ox and an eagle.

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Each of these faces points to a special trait that each Cherubim possesses. The human face denotes intellect or reason. The ox denotes strength and the eagle denotes speed or agility. All these traits were present in each of the four Cherubim.

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The fire would blaze up and shoot out flashes of lightning. When they stopped flying, they folded their wings, 25 but there was still a sound coming from above the dome over their heads. It shone all over with a bright light 28 that had in it all the colours of the rainbow. This was the dazzling light that shows the presence of the LORD.

When I saw this, I fell face downwards on the ground. Then I heard a voice.

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