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The elder Vlad was released under the condition that he leave his sons behind.

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Under the Ottomans, Vlad and his younger brother were tutored in science, philosophy and the arts. Vlad also became a skilled horseman and warrior, according to Radu Florescu and Raymond McNally, former professors of history at Boston College, who wrote several books about Vlad III — as well as his alleged connection to Stoker's Dracula — in the s and s.

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  6. But Vlad held enmity, and I think it was one of his motivating factors for fighting the Turks: to get even with them for having held him captive. While Vlad and Radu were in Ottoman hands, Vlad's father was fighting to keep his place as voivode of Wallachia, a fight he would eventually lose.

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    Vlad's older half-brother, Mircea, was killed alongside his father. Not long after these harrowing events, in , Vlad embarked on a campaign to regain his father's seat from the new ruler, Vladislav II. His first attempt at the throne relied on the military support of the Ottoman governors of the cities along the Danube River in northern Bulgaria, according to Curta. Vlad also took advantage of the fact that Vladislav was absent at the time, having gone to the Balkans to fight the Ottomans for the governor of Hungary at the time, John Hunyadi.

    Vlad won back his father's seat, but his time as ruler of Wallachia was short-lived.

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    He was deposed after only two months, when Vladislav II returned and took back the throne of Wallachia with the assistance of Hunyadi, according to Curta. Little is known about Vlad III's whereabouts between and But it is known that he switched sides in the Ottoman-Hungarian conflict, giving up his ties with the Ottoman governors of the Danube cities and obtaining military support from King Ladislaus V of Hungary, who happened to dislike Vlad's rival — Vladislav II of Wallachia — according to Curta.

    Vlad III's political and military tack truly came to the forefront amid the fall of Constantinople in After the fall, the Ottomans were in a position to invade all of Europe.

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    Vlad, who had already solidified his anti-Ottoman position, was proclaimed voivode of Wallachia in One of his first orders of business in his new role was to stop paying an annual tribute to the Ottoman sultan — a measure that had formerly ensured peace between Wallachia and the Ottomans.

    To consolidate his power as voivode, Vlad needed to quell the incessant conflicts that had historically taken place between Wallachia's boyars.

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    According to legends that circulated after his death, Vlad invited hundreds of these boyars to a banquet and — knowing they would challenge his authority — had his guests stabbed and their still-twitching bodies impaled on spikes. Click to see whats: during the credits Select Show During the credits roll, we see pictures not in the movie, interspersed between the credits.

    They are: The Whooping Snake. Burnish, the mouse, and the Whooping Snake with what we now know is a pork bun in the middle of him, which is still there at the dinner table eating Pork Buns. Everest and his Parents Hug with Everest in the middle.

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